Tuscan Bread Soup (Ribollita)


The weather forecast said it was going to start snowing from very early in the morning but that changed to from 10.00am, but at lunch time it hadn’t snowed – but then sometime after lunch it did snow, but very fine sprinkles for maybe 15 minutes or so, not very impressed!  It is expected to snow a lot in the whole morning tomorrow.


今日の夕食は、何度か作っているトスカーナのパンスープ。お野菜と豆がたっぷりなのでお腹も膨れますし、美味しくてヘルシー。本当はパンチェッタを入れるのですがなかったので、封を開けてしばらく経っているので食べなくてはと思っていたサラミを入れました。Jamie Oliver のレシピですが多少アレンジしています。ざっくりレシピは、こちら

Today’s dinner was Tuscan Bread Soup (Ribollita), which is full of vegetables & beans so quite filling but healthy.  You are supposed to use pancetta as well but we didn’t have any so I just used sliced salami as the packet was opened quite a few days ago and needed to be eaten.  It’s Jamie Oliver’s recipe but I have made some changes – a rough recipe is here.



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