Ribollita (Tuscan Bean & Bread Soup)

そろそろ冷蔵庫のものが残り少なくなっていてお肉類はないのですが今日は外出出来なかったので、今日の夕食は冷蔵庫にあるもので、リボリータというイタリアのトスカーナ地方の豆とパンが入ったスープを作りました。量は適当ですが、基本的に Jamie Oliver のこのレシピを参考に作りました。

As our food stock is low and there is no meat left we would have liked to go out for shopping but couldn’t today, so we made “Ribollita” soup that we could make from what we had at home.   It’s a Tuscan soup of beans and bread in Italy.  I didn’t strictly follow the amounts but followed this Jamie Oliver’s video for the ingredients and cooking process.


I have a feeling I’ve had it in Tuscany but didn’t like it so much, probably because a lot of what we had in Tuscany and Umbria has too much salt to my liking.  I wasn’t expecting to like this so much but I found it delicious.


We fried pancetta, fennel seeds and chilli flakes first, then added chopped carrot (2), celery (1), onion (half) – not to finely but not chunky – and stir-fried all slowly until they  smell sweet.  We then added rosemary, tin tomato (about a half), a tin of Cannellini beans and some water (we also added a bag of my Japanese vegetable soup stock powder, although it’s not necessary).  Let it come to the boil, added Cavolo Nero (we added 4 leaves but I think we should have used more) then simmered it for about 30 minutes until the Cavolo Nero looked cooked.  At first we didn’t cover the pan but later we did.  Then we added bread, tearing it into pieces, and simmered it for 10 more minutes or so, then turned the heat off and added a good amount of olive oil.  Apparently it’s better to let it sit overnight but even without letting it rest it was delicious.





I used an Obi as a table runner, I haven’t done this for many many years.







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