House Renovation – Hall & Staircase


We hardly use the main front door because there is a back door near the garage, even our friends use the back door because they all come in a car, but this is the hall.  We had the walls painted in the same colour as the walls in the kitchen and the dining room. It’s a very pale grey, not as cold looking as in the photo, and we had these paintings put up on the wall.


The blue painting on the right is one of the paintings I did in Hong Kong. This reminds of me Hong Kong a lot.  The one on the left is a painting we bought in Guangzhou when we visited our good friends when they lived there.






Our interior designer suggested to hang one of the kimonos I have on this large wall and we thought about it, but as it will cost a lot and also it’ll give a look of a house of a westerner who likes Japan (not that there is anything wrong with it but as I am Japanese I’m not sure if I want that look) so for now at least we decided not to.  Instead we had these 3 oil paintings that I made in Hong Kong.  Also we had 2 Obis hung as well on the other wall; we happened to have two very similar colour scheme Obis that look great together.  I think they look dramatic on the long wall.  (I have to stitch the end of one of them as it has come undone.)











When you walk up the stairs and turn left, there is my dressing room, then the guest room, then a little room that we are thinking of using as a storage.  The orange oil painting is one of the paintings I painted in Hong Kong.




When you turn right from the stairs, there is the master bedroom.  The green painting is also one I painted in Hong Kong.  The other one in a red frame is a print of a Picasso ink sketch, which looks like a Sumie; we love this one.  We bought it in Tokyu Hands in Kobe so many years ago.





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