Minestrone Soup


Today’s dinner (supper) was Minestrone Soup using all sorts of vegetables.  We tend to have this sort of soup after having a few days of meals with lots of meat,   It’s warming in cold weather like this, can use up a lot of vegetables that are sitting in the fridge, it lasts a few days, and gets better as it ages, and I assume it’s good for you.  Today we used garlic, leek, carrot, celery, tin tomato, borlotti beans & potato.  Our Italian friend told me that they call such soup (that you use a lot of what you have at home)  “Kitchen Sink Soup”.  I usually use a Staub pot (heavy cast iron pot) to cook this.  I first sautee vegetables with a little salt and a good amount of olive oil very quickly then put the lid on and steam/sautee taking quite a long time, stirring it now and again, until the vegetables are sweet, then add water and cook for a while, then add potato and keep simmering until the potatoes are done.   After pouring it in a bowl, we grate Parmesan cheese over it and drizzle some olive oil.   It was very tasty.



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