Yakitori In London!

英国には中華料理は至る所にありますが(個人的にはあまり美味しくないと思う、ついつい香港と比べてしまうのがいけませんが)、和食は大きな都市にしかありません。この近くの街チチェスターにはなんちゃってな和食風のものを出しているカフェのようなところはありますが、まともな和食屋さんはありません。ブライトンにはあるようなのですが、車で30分ほどかかるので夜出かけるにはちょっと遠くてまだ行けていません。なので、ロンドンでは何かしら和食系を食べたくて、特に焼き鳥か串焼きやさんか居酒屋さんのようなところに行きたくて検索したところ、1件良さそうな焼き鳥屋さんを見つけた!と思ったら、昨年後半にクローズしていました(号泣)。その次に見つけたのが、「Humble Chicken」という焼き鳥屋さん。オーナーは日本生まれのアンジェロ・サトウさんだそうです。

Chinese restaurants are everywhere in the UK (to be honest, to me, they aren’t very good but I’m spoiled as we lived in Hong Kong), but you don’t see proper Japanese ones outside London.  There is a little cafe in Chichester that serves Japanese style food, but not proper Japanese at all.  I found one in Brighton and have been wanting to try but it takes about 30 minutes by car so it’s a bit far to go for a dinner (and they are not open for lunch).  So I really wanted to have some authentic Japanese – like yakitori, kushikatsu or Izakaya food – so I spent a bit of time searching for a good place.  I found one but sadly it was closed down at the end of last year.  then I found this one – “Humble Chicken”.  Apparently the owner, Angelo Sato, was born in Japan.







You get raw cabbage with ponzu when you first sit down at the table (actually the counter).




Miso Foie Gras for my husband.




I had cold tofu with pickled plum.



Chicken fillet with pickled plum and shiso.  It had a lot of shiso, which my husband loves, so he was happy.


Chicken Rib Cage with spicy miso (yuzu kosho).


Spicy Tsukune (they called it meatball), but it wasn’t spicy at all.  It came with an egg yolk marinaded in soy sauce.


Hakata Pork Belly, which came with Daikon.  We ordered 2 rice (which came in very small soup bowls), put a half of this on each bowl and had it like a donburi.  It was so good.



This is a normal tsukune (meatball), again with an egg yolk in soy sauce.


Shiitake with ponzu.



To finish we shared Creme Caramel (which was the creamy type).




The inside seats were all booked so there were quite a few people at the outside tables, even though it was very cold.





The service was very slow but everything was very good.  I wish they had more food other than just yakitori, but we enjoyed everything we had.  Although we like going to yakitori or kushiyaki, I cannot say I specially like chicken (it’s just OK) so my favourite was the Pork Belly dish.  We had 3 glasses of draft beer and the total bill was 123 pounds, which seems a lot but it is very far from Japan so I guesss it cannot be helped.  We were very happy that we’d finally managed to get this type of food.


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