Happy Valentine’s Day! (Beef Goulash)

バレンタインデーですね!みなさん、何かの形でお祝いされたのでしょうか?我が家はカードを交換したくらい。実は、La Patissier で今日のデザートとチョコレートやマカロンを買おう行ったのですが、なんと、クローズしていました(号泣)。今日から3日間、お店のペンキ塗りでお休みとのこと。車で30分くらいかかるところまで行ったので諦めきれず、さらに車で10分ちょっと行ったところにある姉妹店(正確には今は別経営だそうですが)まで行ってみたのですが、見事に売り切れていました。とほほ。

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Have you celebrated it in any way?  All we did was exchanging cards.  We did go to La Patisserie thinking we’ll buy some cakes for dessert as well as some chocolates and macaroons but it was closed!  They are closed for 3 days from today for painting the cafe/shop.  It takes 30 minutes by car for us to get there and it felt too sad to turn back, so we tried one of their sister patisseries (although they are operated separately now) in Hove and went there, driving another 10 minutes or so, but they didn’t have anything left other than a couple of pastries (not something you could have for a dessert, more for tea/coffee time).  So sad.


Today’s dinner was Beef Casserole, which is what we often cook when we want it to be a little special.  I’ve written the recipe here before.  We used 1 kg of beef shin but ate about a half of it without any problem.






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