It’s the season of peonies and I love them, but we were away for 3 weeks in May so we hadn’t had a chance to order some to put in a vase to enjoy inside the house.  There is one clump of red (slightly pinkish but more red than the photos) peonies that our privious owner of the house had planted.  We told the garden desginer that we don’t want to keep it but it didn’t get taken away (peonies don’t have anything above the ground during the winter so I guess they didn’t see it) and it came up in the spring.  Although I don’t dislike them the colour is too red to go with our new garden (I told the desginer that I don’t like orange very much so we would like the colours of flowers in pink, blue, purple and white but so far they seem mostly purple and some white) and also it is very close to the root of one of the vibernum shrubs and it’s interfering with it.  We cannot decide what to do with it so we have been leaving it as it is so far.  It’s not easy to put support stakes in for it either.


When peony flowers become large and heavy the stem cannot keep straight and they bend over down to the ground. I found some on the ground like this a few days ago so I cut them and put them in a vase.  Today, I found some more on the ground so I added them to the previous ones.  I wasn’t sure if they will keep long but so far the ones I cut a few days ago are looking good, including a bud which is opening up.


The pink peonies we planted are also blooming now so we have put stakes in for them.  I woud love to cut them and enjoy them inside the house, too, but there aren’t enough flowers yet.  Maybe in some years when they have more flowers.





When came back from our holiday, almost all the flowers of our vibernums had gone brown except one, which was white.  I left them there but it’s been a week and it’s still white, so when I cut the peonies I cut that, too.


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