First Tea In The Garden This Year


English (and probably British and other European) people love sitting outside even when it’s cold or hot and they tend to spend a lot of time in their gardens at this time of year, but I don’t like sitting outside so much.  It’s cold in the shade and hot under the sun, and when it’s windy my hair goes all over my face.  I much prefer sitting inside the house.  However, it felt quite nice in the shade today so we had tea in our garden for the first time this year.


However, this photo doesn’t show if it was inside or outside!  I should have taken a photo with the garden in the background.  Silly me.




Incidentally, I spent 2 hours or longer weeding yesterday.  I thought we pulled all the large weeds but there were some still left and even after we pulled out major ones you start seeing small ones, there is no ending to it!  Yesterday I did weeding for much too long and felt exhausted, so just a little today.




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