Chinese New Year & Steak


Happy Chinese New Year!  It is Chinese New Year today, so I guess those in Hong Kong and Singapore are celebrating it.   I’ve been seeing the red Chinese New Year decorations for the last few days on a lot of Instagram feeds that I follow, which reminded me of the CNY in Hong Kong and Singapore.  We would go to a Chinese restaurant if there were a good restaurant around here but there isn’t, we tried one of those ready made Chinese pack from a supermarket last year but it wasn’t very good, so no Chinese today.


So we had steak, we hadn’t had it for a while and I’d totally forgotten to marinade the steaks in advance!  We were saying if they still tasted good then that shows we don’t need to bother with marinading any more but it wasn’t as good.  This confirmed that marinade is definitely worth bothering with, it gets rid of the gamy-ness of beef, brings up the good flavour, seasons it well and also tenderises it.




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