It was another very cold day., although quite sunny in the morning, but it became overcast in the afternoon.  Our back garden doesn’t get a lot of sun in winter so quite a large part has been covered with frost without melting for the last few days.  I noticed that the temperature went down quickly late at night and apparently it went down to minus 6C and the highest temperature during the day was only about 4C.  It looks like it’s as cold in Japan, too.  Although it’ll continue to be cold here it looks like it’ll be slightly warmer going forward as the temperature isn’t expected to go below 0C.


I went to the embroidery gathering with my next door friend.  It starts around 2:00pm and we leave around 4:00pm and until just the last time it was dark by the time we came out of the building, but today it was still quite light so days are definitely getting longer.


Today’s dinner was Okonomiyaki as we had bacon we should eat and there was cabbage, green onions and eggs as well.








Dried nori (seaweed) as well today, we don’t often have it.



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