Rome Trip / Day 2 (Meeting Friends In The Evening)


As I wrote before, we came to Rome to see our friends so we went to their place this evening. As we took a food tour at lunch time, which didn’t finish until nearly 4:00pm, we had a little rest in the hotel room and went to our friends’ later in the evening. (I think I will blog about the food tour after we get home as there are so many photos and quite a lot to write about.)


We got to our friends’ around 6:00pm, chatted for a while, then I helped our friend prepare a salad (we asked her not to cook a meal because we weren’t hungry after our big lunch), then had it for a supper.


We hadn’t seen them for 4 1/2 years and so much has happened in that time so we couldn’t stop chatting. However, we are seeing them tomorrow as well, so we did eventually stop chatting and left them around 10:00pm. We are looking forward to continuing to catch up with them tomorrow.

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