Rome Trip / Day 2 (Lunch At Santo Palato)


It was very sunny and warm yesterday, a little too warm really to walk, but today it was raining from morning until somtime while we were having lunch and was quite cool. Once it stopped raining and the sun came out, it became rather warm again. It’s hard to know what to wear in this sort of weather.

今日は、昨日お目にかかったお友達ご夫婦とランチをご一緒しました。どこに行こうかと相談していた時にお友達が「まだローマに来て間がないのでレストランのこともあまり知らないのだけど、Santo Palato というトラットリアはよく知られているので行ってみましょうか。」ということになり、今日のお昼に予約を取ってくださいました。最初は12時45分の予約だったのですが、この地域の電線の工事があって1時半になったとのこと。遅いランチになりましたが予約が取れにくいレストランなのでそのまま予約をキープして伺いました。

Today we had lunch with our friends that we met yesterday. When we were talking about going out for a meal together, my friend told me that she hadn’t been here long enough to know many restaurants but she knows that Santo Palato is very well known so we decided to go there. She managed to get a reservation at 12:45 for lunch today. Then we were told that it was delayed until 1:30 pm because of some electric line work around the area. As it’s not easy to get a table here, we decided to keep the reservation.

このレストランは、Stanley Tucci の テレビ番組で紹介されてとても有名になったみたいです。

Apparently, this restaurant was shown on a TV programme by Stanley Tucci so became very popular.


Today’s specials.


We ordered bread, which came in a paper bag, apparently it’s very in.


My husband and my friend’s husband had Oxtail Polpette, which they both enjoyed.


My friend and I had Grilled Romanesco Cauliflower with cilli and garlic. We couldn’t taste the chilli or garlic very much and we thought it was a little too simple as a dish.


My husband and my friend had grilled beef. I had a small pice of my husband’s but it was very chewy. The radichio was extremely sour.


I had spaghettino Amatriciano. I fount it had too much sauce.


Our friends didn’t want to have dessert but my husband and I shared “Maritozzo” which has been extremely popular in the last couple of years in Japan. The bread was vcry fluffy brioche and the cream was very light, it was more enjoyable than I expected, quite nice – but quite messy also.


The real espresso in Italy, it’s very strong and very small, probably only about a half a sip.


After lunch, our friends took a taxi home. My husband and I walked to a department store, which our friend told me was very near, and had a little look. It was quite a small one so it took us only about 10 minutes to have a look. Then we took a taxi to an area, where there are many shops, and walked from there to our hotel.

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