Roma Trip / Day 2 (Dinner)


As we had quite a big lunch, we weren’t so hungry at night but we wanted to have a bite so decided to go to one of the chain shops that sell sliced pizza that we learned about at the food tour. We chose the closest one from our hotel and walked there, but unfortunately it was already closed. Some of them open until late and some close early depending on the location. It wasn’t an area where you find other places to eat so we came back to our hotel and went to the Pizzeria on the roof. It was quite chilly by then.

辛いトッピングのピッツァにしました。普通は1人1枚ですが、それほどお腹が空いていないのでと1枚をシェアー。 多分ローマ風ではなく、ナポリ風。

We would have had one pizza each, which is normal here, but we shared one because, as I say, we weren’t so hungry. We chose the one with spicy toppings. I think this is Napolitan style pizza, not Roman pizza.


We also shared Panna Cotta for a dessert.


It was just about the right amount of food for us.

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