Rome Trip / Day 3 (Dinner)


We had lunch at our friends’ today. We went to a market to buy ingredients and then cooked together, which was a lot of fun. As there are many photos, I will blog the lunch after we get back to England.


We left our frieds around 5:00pm, went to a supermarket near there to do a little shopping, then took a taxi home. As we’d had a big lunch we didn’t want to have a proper dinner at a restaurant so we had some bites at the bar of the hotel in the evening.



We ordered a glass of red wine each, meatballs (polpette), prosciutto & focaccia but they also gave us some mortadella (complimentary). Whenever we have prosciutto, I always wonder why what we get outside Italy has a very different texture. What you get in Italy is so soft like it melts in your mouth.

As there was a lot of focaccia as well, we got quite full.

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