Rome Trip / Day 1 (Dinner)

昨日の夜の夕食は、宿泊しているホテル「W Rome」のシチリア料理レストランでいただきました。ホテルに到着するのがもう夕方でしたし疲れているだろうと思いましたし、レビューも悪くなかったので。

We had dinner at the Sicilian restaurant of the hotel we are staying at (W Rome) last night because we didn’t get to the hotel until evening and didn’t want to go out – and the reviews of the restaurant were good.


Focaccia. It was fluffy and slightly chewy in a good way, very nice.


This bread was quite stodgy, not my favourite type.


My husband had Tuna for a starter, he loved it. He particularly liked the puree of sweet and sour onion. The sauce was a Veal jus.


I had Artichoke with toasted bread crumbs, citrus fruits & ricotta.


My husband’s main was Black pork belly with Jerusalem artichokes and roasted apple.


I had spaghetti alla norma. It was good but a bit too salty.


We had Cannoli for a dessert, it was very good.


They gave us petit-four. They are all made of chocolates but made to look like other things. The peanut one was really really sweet, the almond one tasted oily like white chocolate does (I don’t like white chocolate) and the raspberry one was really really sour.


With a bottle of red wine, a bottle of sparkling water, it was 240 Euro. Wow! I must say I was surprised how expensive it was.

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