Ham & Melon And Panzanella


I was expecting it to be cool today but it wasn’t.  The weather app showed it was 21C outside but our thermometer showed it was 25C even though our thermometer is in the shade.  I was planning to do some weeding yesterday but it didn’t stop raining until late in the evening so I did it today, although it was very sunny and hot.  It’s not humid so is nice and cool in the shade with the breeze, but as soon as you stand in the sun it is very hot but we sort of have to do weeding a couple of times a week to keep them under control.  I also had to cut the delphiniums that broke or that have finished flowering, which is quite a hard work because they are in the back near the wall in the front garden, and I also had to cut back some geraniums.  I had to dead head roses etc as well.  These things take longer than you think.  Apparently it’ll be raining tomorrow so I guess it’ll be cooler.


Today’s evening meal was a standard Italian starter, Melon & Parma Ham, and Panzanella salad that we made a week or so ago.  We made Panzanella in the way our Italian friend makes it, aso I’ve blogged before rather than what I often see on cookery books and online.  The dried bread we bought in Rome is very hard and it doesn’t get very soft even after sprinkling with some water and the texture is very enjoyable.  The fennel in the bread also adds some accent to the salad and the texture and the fennel flavour makes an ordinary everyday salad something a little special.  We used mini tomatoes, onion, red pepper, cucumber, avocado (it was good today), mixed lettuce & rocket.  We don’t have melon & ham often, I much prefer fig & ham but we cannot get good figs here.





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