Panzanella & Langres


As we had a big lunch, we had a light meal in the evening.  We made an Italian salad, Panzanella.  Panzanella, I guess, was born to use up old hard bread so I assume there are many different versions depending on the family and region, but what I see often in cookery books and online tells you to soak old bread in water or water and vinegar until it’s totally soft and then squeeze out the water/vinegar and mix the bead with the rest of the salad.  I have also seen the modern version of toasting/roasting bits of bread to make them crispy and adding them to the rest of the salad to enjoy the crispy texture.  The way I made it today is different from any of them, I made it the way our friend in Rome made it when we were there recently.


I used the dry bread we bought in Rome near our friends’ home, I’ve blogged it after we got back from Rome.  I saw them at the airport as well, so I assume they are available in many places.  Our friend told me to put each piece of dried bread under running water just very briefly, then leave them for a little while.  When they are soft enough you break them up and add them to the salad.  As you don’t let it get too much water the inside becomes soft but outside is still crunchy and I enjoyed that texture very much.  Our friend didn’t say anything about what you should use for the salad, we just used what she had in the house, so I did the same today and used what we had – tomato, onion, cucumber, rocket and romaine lettuce.  In Italy, people in general don’t seem to make a salad dressing, they just put salt, pepper and some olive oil over everything.  When we were with our friends, she asked me if I wanted some balsamic vinegar but as there was lemon we used lemon juice as well as salt, pepper & olive oil, we just poured them over the salad and mixed like I often do at home.  We liked the fennel in the dried bread, which gives a good accent to the salad as well as the texture of the dried bread.  We felt that the ordinary every day salad became something a little special by adding the dried bread in this way.



サラダの後、サラミ類とロンドンで買ったチーズ、Langres をいただきました。

 After the salad we had some of the salami that we had bought in Rome and some Langres cheese that we picked up in London earlier in the day.





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