Lunch At Carluccio’s in Chichester


The temperature went up to 25C as expected and apparently it is 30C in London, we were lucky to get back yesterday as it would have been too hot for shopping, although it’s probably OK to sit at an outside table.  It is very sunny here and I would find it too hot to walk in the sun without a parasol, I imagine you’ll get a suntan very quickly in this weather.  It is just the right sort of weather to be sitting in the shade but I got very sweaty very quickly earlier when I did some weeding.  It looks like it’ll be mostly sunny for the next one or two weeks.  I have to say it would be nice to have a good spell of rain for the garden as it hasn’t rained for a long time.  It was a bit too warm for me last night in our bedroom even with the window open so I may have to start using our air-conditioning and I am using the one in my craft room for the first time this year.  It’s the season when our new solar panels are proving to be very useful.



チチェスターの美容院とネイルサロンに1時から予約を入れていたので、早めに行って夫とランチをしました。今日は、イタリアンの「Carluccio’s 」に行って、外席に座りました。日陰の外席に座るのに丁度良い気温です。

I had an appointment with my hair salon then the nail salon at 1:00pm in Chichester today, so we left a little earlier and had lunch at Carluccio’s, sitting at one of the outside. it really is nice to be able to sit outside now.


My husband had Pappardelle with ragu, which he said was good.


I had the Veganesca, which is a vegan version of Puttanesca.  Pasta was a bit over cooked but it tasted good.




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