Cake From Birley Bakery In London

ロンドンで宿泊していたホテルから歩いて行けるところに美味しいパン屋さんがあるとお友達に教えていただいて、最終日の昨日行ってみました。Birley Bakery というベーカリーでした。

At our lunch meeting yesterday my friend told me that there is a very good bakery within a walking distance from the hotel we were staying at in London, so we went there to get some baguettes yesterday.   It was called “Birley Bakery”.






As the cakes also looked beautiful and yummy, we bought a Paris Brest and a Raspberry Tart as well as some baguettes, and we had them with tea in our garden this afternoon; they were very good.  I wish there were more good restaurants, bakery and cake shops outside London as well as in London.  Some of my friends have said to me how they enjoyed eating in ‘England’ but they hadn’t been outside London much.  London is almost another country, it’s so different from the rest of the UK, in so many ways.





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