White Asparagus & Gazpacho


When we went to a bakery in London, I found white asparagus at a grocery shop nearby and we bought just one bundle.  I was wondering if the season is finishing and we may not have a chance to have them this year but it looks like they are still in season.


I think usually people cook white asparagus until very tender but I like them to have some crispy texture left, so I steam them in a Chinese steaming thing for about 8 minutes (thought it depends on the thickness).  We’ve tried them with hollandaise sauce and also poached eggs previous times but I like them best with just salt, pepper & lemon juice so that’s how we had them today.


After the asparagus, we had gazpacho.   There aren’t that many days to want to have something cold here (although I must say we have had many hot days in the last two years), we want to enjoy this summery weather while we can.   25C is on the cool side in Japan at this time of year, specially as the humidity is very low here, but since the temperature is usually lower and has specially been cool this year, it feels now that “the summer has come!”.






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