Hamburg in Ratouille Sauce


It was raining for a long time until just now so I think the plants in our gardens have had plenty of water.


Today’s dinner was Hamburg in Ratatouille Sauce.  I used to cook hamburg like this until recently because my husband used to say he preferred this to having it with demi glace sauce but he started to say he liked demi glace as well so we’ve been having them with demi glace more recently, I like them with demi glace with rice.  My husband had 2 hamburgs and I had one.   For the sauce I sautéed  garlic, onion, red pepper, courgette then added a tin tomato and thyme, then let it cook for a little while, then added hamburgs (after defrosting a little in the microwave) and cooked for 20 minutes until the sauce thickened.  We grated some Pecorino cheese over after plating them.  It’s a good way to have plenty of summer vegetables, and we enjoyed it.



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