Lunch Gathering At Friends’


It’s July from today, half of the year has gone…



Our friends kindly invited us to lunch.  We hadn’t been able to see them for quite a while as they’d been very busy with travelling and other things.  When I asked my friend if she’d like me to take something she said she would be making an easy casual lunch so no need, so we just took a bottle of pink Champagne and some madeleines that my husband and I baked together.


They travelled in Italy recently so the theme of the lunch was Italy, very colourful, light and delicious.  The dessert was Panna Cotta with raspberry coulis and some fresh raspberries.  Just the sort of lunch you want in summer.


As we hadn’t seen them for months, there was so much to catch up with so we chatted for a long time before and after lunch in their garden.  We had such a good time.














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