Indian Curry At Home


The weather has been more changeable for the last few days, sometimes very sunny, sometimes very cloudy.  It has been quite cool (a little cold sometimes) and too cold to sit outside in the evenings.  I read that we’ll be having a few heatwaves this month but looking at the forecast for the next 2 weeks it doesn’t look like we’ll get a heatwave around here, the temperature is expected to be around 24C highest on some days but lower on other days.  It’s expected to get to 27C or 28C highest on a few days in London so maybe that’ll be one heatwave.  Comparing London and around there, it’s often a few degrees lower in summer and a few degrees higher in winter around here.


Today’s dinner was 3 Indian curries.  I went through our large freezer yesterday and got rid of the things that were too old to keep (we freeze left-overs then often forget to have them…) but found Keema Curry and Dahl that we thought would still be OK so we decided to have them.  When it’s Indian curry rather than Japanese curry, I guess it’s because each curry have only one or two things (chicken or a vegetable) we feel like having a few curries for one meal.  So we also cooked Butter chicken using the curry kit I’ve blogged a few times before.  These kits have no preservatives, are very quick and easy to make into curry, and taste really good, as good as any Indian restaurant, or even better than some.  The Keema curry, I thought, didn’t taste as good as when we cooked it so we had just a small amount and dumped the rest.  Dahl was still very good, I could still taste curry leaves (which I love).  We also found enough cooked basmati rice (with onion and spices) in the freezer so it was very easy dinner.  We used pita bread that we order from London and freeze, they are much nicer than naan that you can get from a supermarket.  Naan in Indian restaurants are usually delicious but not the ones you find in supermarkets.





The flowers are what we got from the weekly flower subscription last week and this week put together – minus the peonies.  Peonies opened quickly and have done.  Without peonies the remainder doesn’t look much but the flowers are still looking fine so I cannot get rid of them.


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