Smoked Salmon & Minestrone


It was quite cool today again.  Although the sun did come out now and again it was mostly cloudy and rained lightly a few times.  As it was cool, I thought I should do some gardening, we need to cut back the salvias in the back garden so I started but soon after I started cutting them back, it started to rain.  I came in, waited a little, and went out again when it stopped raining.  Then quite soon after that it started to rain again!  I did go back again and cut them back for a little while.  I think I’ve done probably a little more than a half.  We probably also need to cut back the catmint in the front garden.


Today’s evening meal was Minestrone that I found in the freezer.  My husband had smoked salmon to start with, he loves this lemon flavoured smoked salmon from Marks & Spencer’s.  We also had Garlic Flatbread from M&S (it comes frozen) as we bought it for the first time a little while ago.  We sprayed the bread with water and wrapped it in aluminium foil before putting it in the oven, then about half way through the cooking tim, opened the aluminium foil. It came out very nice and fluffy.  I’d forgotten to take a photo of Minestrone.






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