London Cafe Lunch (England)

ロンドン最後の日、ウィンザーに向かう前にホテルの近くで軽くランチをしました。去年ロンドンに滞在したときにホテルの近くにあったので入ってみたカフェTruc Vert(以前名前を間違って書いていました、失礼いたしました)が美味しかったので、今回も行ってみました。金曜日のお昼でしたが結構一杯になっていましたので、人気のようです。

Before heading to Windsor to stay with my husband’s brother and his family, we had a light lunch at a cafe near the hotel in London called “Truc Vert“.  We tried the place last time when we were there and remembered it was very good so went back.  It was a lunch time on a Friday but it got quite busy, it must be popular.





We had burger – it was an excellent burger and chips were very good, too.  I’m very impressed!  And so glad that we can have good food in England these days.  Of course it can be luck but my impression is that the food is much better in England than in Singapore in general, at least western food.  The problem with Singapore is that the most ingredients are imported from far away. You cannot make a good burger without good quality of beef, for example.



I think this is all about our holiday in England and Marrakesh.  Finally!



Truc Vert
42 North Audley Street

+44 20 7491 9988



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