Ah, So Cute….





My husband’s brother’s family in Windsor has always had a cat as long as I’ve known them and I think they have their 2nd adult cat, but they just got a kitten which is actually their daughter’s.

I am definitely a dog person rather than a cat person, but I don’t dislike cats, at least not those that are friendly.  I do find their unpredicatability (you don’t know when she/he will scratch you) not pleasant and I’m also avid allergic to them, though.

Even so, I do love kittens, they are so cute.  I wasn’t able to get good photos of her because she doesn’t stay still for a second but I tried…

(Please click a photo and it’ll expand.)



I started coughing by the evening on the day we arrived at my brother-in-law’s from my allergy but it was still fun to play with her.





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