I had another catch-up lunch with a couple of freinds – at Wakanui.


I asked if they would make a simple salad instead of octopus salad that they had on their menu and they kindly did.  However, the salad leaves were drenched with strong-flavoured salad dressing (too sweet for me).  Too strong a flavour for such delicate salad leaves, it was a shame because they gave me extra leaves to make up for not having octopus, and the lettuce was very fresh, but I just couldn’t eat it with so much dressing on.  I really don’t understand how a professional chef would pour so much dressing over light delicate salad leaves…It’s one of those things that make me wonder if the chef ever tastes his own food.  It seems such a fundamental thing to me.





This restaurant seems to be very proud of their beef and lamb so I ordered a beef burger.  I guess it was good quality beef because it wasn’t minced beef, you could tell it was a lump of beef chopped (sort of) with a knife but to me it was strange texture and I didn’t find the beef flavourful either.



Fondant Chocolat was fine.




Overall, for me, it wasn’t a good meal.  We were chatting so much that I didn’t ask what my friends thought of theirs.  It is very inexpensive (S$30++) I must say.

It was lovely to catch up with my friends any way even though the lunch wasn’t great.




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