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Happy Chinese New Year!!



Sadly, there seem to be so many victims from the earthquake in Taiwan.  My heart aches for those who are involved and their families and friends.  It seems specially cruel that it’s Chinese New Year, there must’ve been many people staying with their families/relatives for the holiday.  My sincere sympathies….



We had dinner with my husband’s young colleague and his wife tonight.  Before we went to Marrakesh last year they let us borrow their guidebook and a map of Morocco and let us ask questions about Marrakesh at a dinner, so I wanted to give the guidebook and the map and pass something to them as a thank-you.

旧正月でクローズしているお店も多いのでいくつかトライして決めたのが、タイ料理の Tamarind Hill。1度目にご一緒したときにお2人が選ばれたのがアジア料理の Ding Dong だったので、タイ料理もお好きだと勝手に思い込んで予約を入れたのですが、あまり辛いのは得意ではないとのこと。それでも Tamarind Hill のお料理はないも言わないと全体に辛さが足りないので、普通より辛めにとお願いしました。結果的にはラーブだけはギリギリ食べられる辛さとおっしゃっていましたが(わたしは丁度良かったです)、ほかはあまり辛くなかったので大丈夫でした。(でも、夫がフレッシュの赤い小さめのチリを丸ごと食べてしまったようで、途中火を吹いていました。)

Many restaurants are closed for Chinese New Year so it took me a while to find a place we like which was open but I booked a table at Tamarind Hill thinking they like Thai food as their choice of a place was Ding Dong last time when we got together. It turns out that they cannot eat very spicy foods!  However, the food in Tamarind Hill in general isn’t very spicy – actually I asked them to make it a bit more spicy than usual because it really isn’t very spicy at all usually – so it was OK.  The only dish that they found on the edge was Laab Gai (mince chicken salad).


We ordered 2 Sauteed Foie Gras (with Kaffia lime flavour) to share.  Then, Laab Gai (mince chicken salad), Chicken with Basil (we ordered Chicken in Pandang Leaf but we got this instead), Chared Beef, Massaman Curry, Stir-Fried Morning Glory (it had dried fish in it so I wasn’t able to eat).  Everything I had was good – although Chicken with Basil was quite sweet.









For dessert, we shared Ruby and Coconut Icecream and they shared Pandan Creme Brulee.




We had sparkling water (I’m not sure if it was 1 or 2 bottles), 2 bottles of red wine and the bill was S$150 per couple – it seems very reasonable.  The amount of the food we ordered was just about right, too.


Tamarind Hill Singapore
30, Labrador Villa Road,

Tel: +65 6278 6364
email singapore@tamarindrestaurants.com o


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