Hot Pot Again!






I know I had a Chinese hot pot yesterday for lunch but I ended up making a hot pot at home for dinner today.  It’s just that I happen to be able to get a boxful of fresh vegetables from Japan.  In the box I received, there were Japanese leeks, spinach, Mizuna, fava beans,  micro tomatoes, a garlic and Japanese strawberries – all looking extremely fresh.  It seems a shame to leave them in the fridge for many days, we are going out for dinner tomorrow and my husband cooks on Saturday and Sunday so I tried to think of menu I can use as much of them as possible – and hot pot was the easiest menu.  We had some Gyoza I made in the freezer that I was planning to use for a hot pot (this didn’t work very well, the skin got over-cooked).  Apart from them, we used lettuce, tofu & carrot.

I grilled some fava beans – we’ve had them in a Japanese restaurant in Japan so I wanted to try it.  It didn’t work very well because our oven toaster doesn’t seem to heat up strong enough, it took too long to grill them and ended up over-cooking them.   I also made a small salad with the micro tomatoes, the rest of the fava beans and some Mizuna.  The tomatoes are tiny but so strongly flavoured – sweet and sour at the same time.






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