Ragu With Sausage Meat


It’s a public holiday in Singapore today – the country’s 51st birthday.  We don’t like being hot or being in a crowd of people so it was like an extra Sunday today.  My husband usually cooks dinner on Sundays and holidays so I was expecting him to do so, but he didn’t seem to be preparing anything.  I asked him what we were going to do about dinner and his answer was he was thinking of asking me the same.

So I defrosted ragu (that I made with some sausage meat), added some chilli flakes, fennel seeds and cream and had it with Farfalle pasta.  Came out quite nice.






When I was cooking, I thought I put a glass jar with salt in on the table but I dropped it on my feet!  Ouch!!  The glass container didn’t break, though.  If I dropped it on the floor in the kitchen it would have broken in millions of pieces so it was good I dropped it on my feet…., I guess.



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  1. Penny King says:

    Looks really lovely. Hope your foot has recovered.



    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you, Penny. This is different from what I cooked for you when you were here but similar. It seems just one toe on my right foot has been bruised. Still very painful if I move it but otherwise not bad.

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