Dinner at “La Maison de GRACIANI” in Kobe



When I was in Japan this time, my husband also came for a weekend to attend the special service and we stayed in Kobe for those 2 nights.

On the first evening, we had dinner at “La Maison de Graciani”, which has a Michelin Star.  We used to love going to this restaurant when we lived in Kobe more than 25 years ago or so, then their management changed and we stopped going.   Then they had a fire some years ago but rebuilt it a few years ago and reopened with the current chef. We’ve been there a couple of times before (and I was there with some friends before going with my husband).

It was more than 2 weeks ago when we were there so I cannot remember the details but we had a lovely dinner.  This time I’ll upload the photos as a slide show.  Hope this works well.

We had their smallest course, which was 12,000 yen per person but we were very full when we left the restaurant.  Such a wonderful restaurant.


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ラ メゾン ドゥ グラシアニ 神戸北野

4-8-1, Kitanocho
Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0002

Tel: +81 78-200-6031

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