Baked Fennel With Marinated Tomatoes And Potatoes

今日の夕食は夫と2人で作りましたが、メニューを選んだのは夫。「genaro’s ITALIAN HOME COOKING」から「Finocchi al forno con pomodoro marinato e patate」(Baked fennel with marinated tomatoes and potatoes / マリネしたトマトとフェンネル、ポテトのベイク)。缶詰のトマトににんにく、フェンネル、オレガノを入れてマリネし、ポテトのスライスとフェンネルのスライスと一緒にオーブンで焼くというもの。

My husband and I cooked our dinner together today – but my husband is the one who chose the recipe.  It was “Finocchi al forno con pomodoro marinato e patate(Baked fennel with marinated tomatoes and potatoes” from “genaro’s ITALIAN HOME COOKING“.




So many recipes don’t have enough information.  I’m not a beginner cook but I still often stop and think what to do while I’m following recipes and this was one of them.  He specifies to slice potatoes in 1cm thick but just says slice fennel – and he says “slice widthways”.  What is a “widthways”?  To me it seems to go across the fennel but whenever I use fennel I slice top to bottom so we did it that way.  Later when I read the recipe again I notice he says “fennel segments” so I suppose I made the right decision.  I wish they put a photo for each recipe so we can at least see what it should look like.  We cooked longer than the recipe says, which is unusual because our oven seems to cook most things quicker than recipes, but we found some of the fennel slices were a little too crunchy to our liking so I would slice them thinner next time.  I don’t know if they are supposed to be slightly crunchy or soft.  We can do what we like and as we cooked it once we’ll know better what to do next time but it wasn’t easy to follow this recipe even though it’s such a simple dish.

It said this can be served as a vegetarian main course or as a side dish to accompany fish.  We thought it’s a bit boring as a main dish (so we had a few slices of left-over chicken from the other day with this), but it would be good as a side dish even with steak or pork chops, I think.  I know fennel and potato screams for fish but I don’t see why it wouldn’t go with meat.  It’s not a recipe I would have chosen, but it was nicer than I expected.

When we cooked it for 30 minutes with alminium foil the potatoes were still very hard.  We ended up cooking it for 40 minuets with alminium foil then 20 minutes after taking the alminium foil off, so 1 hour in total.






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