Dinner at Wine Connection Cheese Bar


We had dinner at Wine Connection Cheese Bar at Robinson Walk.  As we can have Raclette any time at home, we had Mont d’Or (it comes with bread, a green salad, roasted garlic and boiled potatoes) and a cold cuts board.





The whole Mont d’Or was too much for 2 of us, we couldn’t finish half of it.  I think it would be a good thing to share between 4 or 5 people.  We got full fairly quickly but wanted to have something refreshing to clean our palates, as the cheese is a bit heavy, but we couldn’t find anything suitable on the menu.


We shared Red Berry Charlotte cake for dessert.



Once we sat down, the service was quick and and friendly but we waited for a while before being taken to a table.  The chairs are pretty uncomfortable, the tables are too small, and there was nowhere I could put my bag – not a very comfortable way to have a dinner.  However, they have lots of inexpensive wine and the total dinner was only about S$110.  Most people looked like they were having Raclette.

Wine Connection Cheese Bar
11 Unity St, #01-05 Robertson Walk,
Robertson Walk, 237995

Tel:6238 1279

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