Dinner at Alba 1836

昨日の夕食は、「Alba 1836」に行ってみました。どこに行こうかと自分のブログで良かったと書いているところを探してみたところ、1年半ほど前に一度だけランチに伺って夫とディナーに行ってみたいと書いていたので。

For dinner yesterday, I booked “Alba 1836′.   I looked for restaurants that I have liked by reading my own blog and found this post I wrote about a year and a half ago when I had lunch there with some friends and said I wanted to go back with my husband for dinner – which we did.


First we had a complimentary amuse each.  My husband’s was tuna tartar, I think.  Mine was tomato and burrata cheese.



For starter, I chose grilled Pecorino cheese  and fresh figs.  Singapore imports almost all the ingredients so it’s hard to find good fresh figs since they don’t travel well, (they are almost always much too under-ripe and have no flavour), and this wasn’t an exception – all I could taste was the honey they poured over.  Grilled Pecorino was interesting though, but for me too thick and too salty, I would have been happier to have  a couple of much thinner slices.  When they are so thick, they are extremely salty and overpowering.



My husband had foie gras.



For the main my husband had Seabass.  The fish was OK I think, but the problem was the dish they used.



As you can see it is quite irritating having have to cut fish on such a dish.  It would work with little bits and pieces that you can just pick with a fork but not for something you need to use knife and fork to cut.



I ordered Tagliatelle with homemade Italian sausage and fresh tomato.  The sausages didn’t have much flavour; in fact, the whole dish didn’t have much flavour.  I usually love simple plain tomato sauce, so I cannot explain why I found this boring, but it was.  The pasta was cooked too soft, too.  With this type of sauce I prefer pasta with some bite.



For dessert I chose Cannoli.  Again, I didn’t enjoy them as they weren’t crunchy enough.  I can still remember the real things from Sicily, I guess that’s the problem.  However, pistachio icecream was delicious.



My husband had mascarpone and raspberry millefille.



Ummm, I seem to have liked the place at lunch a year and a half ago but this time it was quite disappointing.  Like the restaurant I tried at lunch time, their service was reallly good but we didn’t enjoy the meal very much – except my pistachio ice cream.

Alba 1836
28 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089610

Tel: 6222 2048

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