Lunch at Bread Street Kitchen

少し久しぶりにお目にかかるお友達と(1月ぶりくらいでしょうか)、ランチをご一緒しました。場所はわたしもお友達も気になっていたマリーナベイサンズの Gordon Ramsay のお店「Bread Street Kitchen」。室内の写真を撮り忘れましたが、素敵な雰囲気でした。

I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for a little while (the last time was about a month ago?).  We both wanted to try Gordon Ramsay’s “Bread Street Kitchen” in Marina Bay Sands but haven’t so that’s where we went.


They had lunch set but we ordered from a la carte menu.  We decided to share Flatbread with butternut squash, San Daniel Ham etc


The bread basket was sort of ordinary.  Nothing special.



We found the base of the flatbread too tough, not pleasantly.  It wasn’t cruncy, it was quite chewey.  Also as a starter it was rather heavy specialy if you have it to yourself.  We shared but still didn’t finish it.  There was a lot of ham, which I guess is very generous but ham is very salty so it was to me too salty, whereas the squash part wasn’t seasoned much.



The burger was very large and looked yummy, but disappointingly it wasn’t hot.  The buns were slightly warm, the burger itself was hardly warm and tomato, lettue and the sauce is all cold so it wasn’t enjoyable.

The ingredients seem all fresh and good so I thought it was a shame and decided to ask the staff to warm it up.  They made both burgers again and the burger was very warm when it came back but the buns were again only slightly warm and not crispy.  The bruger was, to me, more like medium rare or rare rather than medium that we asked.  It should be great but by some reason we didn’t enjoy it.  I think it’s because the burger doesn’t have much seasoning.  There was plenty of sauce on but the burger itself should have been seasoned more.



I forgot to take a photo but they gave us a basket of onion rings as an apology but it tasted like it was fried in old oil, we couldn’t eat it.  We did tell the staff after apologising  that we seem to be complaining about everything and they took it well.  The service was really good and they took our criticism really well, the restaurant itself is also very nice, but it’s a shame their food isn’t so good.



We had about a half of our burgers and we felt full enough but we wanted to have something because I guess we didn’t enjoy the burger.  We decided to share Banana Sticky Toffee Pudding, which was quite sweet but very nice.  It was different from what I think of “sticky toffee pudding” but we enjoyed it.  Sad I forgot to take a photo of it.  It was about S$144 for 2.


There was so much to catch up, my voice is gone!

Bread Street Kitchen
2 Bayfront Avenue
#01-81 Bay Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands,
The Shoppes, 018972

Tel: 6688 5665

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