Burger in Huber’s – update

今日はお友達とランチをご一緒したのですが、バーガーが食べたいとおっしゃったので先日行って美味しかった Huber’s に行ってみました。ところが、今日は美味しくない〜(涙)。どういうことなんでしょう〜?お肉がぎゅっと詰まってしまっていて、塩辛く、多分お塩をして混ぜてからすごく時間が経っていたのではと思うのですが食感がちょっとハムっぽくなっていて硬くて、この間の柔らかくて美味しいバーガーとは別物でした。

I had lunch with a friend today.  She fancied a burger so we went to Huber’s as the one I’d had there the other day was really good.  Well, sadly, this time, it wasn’t good at all.  I don’t know how they can be so different from one day to another.  The other day it was very tender and just rightly seasoned, today it was very tough and very slightly gamy and also very salty.  I think they salted the meat, kneaded it too much and left it for a long time because the texture was very strange, almost like thick ham.  So disappointing.


I feel I should never recommend any restaurant in Singapore to anyone because they don’t seem to serve anything consistently.  Very frustrating.






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