Vietnamese / Thai Dinner


I cooked a few things I learned at the cooking class yesterday for dinner today.  I don’t often cook something I learned at a cooking class as soon as I learn it , I tend to feel it’s a little intimidating to do that and so  I leave it for a while.  However, there were some things left from yesterday – the pork soup, lots of pomelo and the topping for pomelo – and I would have felt too guilty to let it go off.


The table setting isn’t at all that Vietnamese or even Asian…  (The colours look strange because I forgot to set the white balance on my camera.)




Pork Soup.  All I did was adding vermicelli, warming it up and adding a little coriander leaves.




Pomelo Salad.  Unfortunately the colour doesn’t look very appetising.  Normally there would be some red prawns on top but I didn’t use them.  Tasted good, though.



Vietnamese spring rolls.  We ate them wrapped in lettuce with mint and coriander leaves.



I even roasted Granola!  I made more than the recipe but didn’t properly measure everything, it might have needed more sugar and Maple syrup.  Still, I’m sure it’s delicious.







I must say it seemed quite a lot of work for a dinner for 2 of us even though spring rolls are the only things I made from scratch, the soup just needed addition of vermicelli and warming up.   Cooking for 4 isn’t so different from cooking for 2 and it’s not easy to cook Asian food for 2.  Still, I’m very happy that all tasted good and my husband enjoyed it all.










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