English Breakfast for Dinner


I cooked “English Breakfast” for dinner today.  You can get good food these days in England in many places but when I was there for learning English all those years ago, British food wasn’t great and people said you should eat English Breakfast 3 times a day because that’s the only good food in Britain.


Full English Breakfast usually consists of egg, sausage, bacon (not streaky bacon like in the US but back bacon)mushrooms & tomatoes, baked beans and sometimes black pudding and in old days fried bread as well.  My husband enjoys it most mornings when we stay in hotels in England on holiday.


Today’s dinner was sunny-side-up (2 for my husband, 1 for me but mine broke….), sausages, back bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes.







We used to have this once in a year or so but we haven’t had it for a long long time.  I asked my husband if a typical English family would do this for supper but he says they wouldn’t and it would probably look very strange to British people.  I don’t know why, it seems like a good idea to have this for supper to me and I think I see it on the menu in some pubs.  I know it’s not healthy but if it’s once a year….  My husband loves it though.





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