Today’s dinner was Okonomi-yaki – my husband has been asking me to make it but there was one ingredient I couldn’t find – my friend got it for me!  We always make Issen-yaki first then Okonomi-yaki.


Issen-yaki isn’t usually like this but this is the version we used to have in a Okonomi-yaki restaurant in Kobe, where lots of western people used to go.  First you spread the batter very thinly, then pour the mixture of tenkasu, green onion & pickled ginger then cook it until it’s nice and crispy.  My husband was saying he could eat this every day.





I use bacon for Okonomi-yaki in the last few years.





We enjoyed it.  The smell that lingers in the room is the only thing I don’t like about cooking Okonomi-yaki.






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