Potato Salad Sandwich


As we couldn’t finish all of the mashed potato that my husband made yesterday for dinner, I made a potato salad with the left-overs and used it as a filling for sandwiches.  I think they do have a potato salad like this in England as well, but apparently they don’t use it for a sandwich filling.


I just added some sliced onion and very thinly sliced Japanese cucumber (it has more crisp texture than English cucumber) that has been salted then dried after the moisture comes out.  We had a couple of slices of boiled carrot left as well so I chopped them and added them to the potato.  Some ham would have been a good addition but we didn’t have any.  Then I mixed some Japanese mayonnaise (much lighter and a little more sour than western mayonnaise, similar to Salad Cream in England but a little thicker and not as sweet) and some grain mustard to the potato mixture.  I put very little mayonnaise on slices of lightly toasted bread, some cos lettuce and the potato salad in between the bread.  Glad that my husband liked it, too.



In Japan, a typical meal would consist of a few dishes with rice and maybe miso soup, so if you have some left-over, you keep it, take it out next day and have it with a few newly cooked dishes.  Most Japanese dishes taste as good or better next day or even for a few days.  You have a few new dishes as well so most of us  are happy to eat left-over.  However, at home we tend to have Indian today, Thai tomorrow, Italian the day after tomorrow and so on, so this doesn’t apply.  Besides, even when you have mostly Italian or mostly “English” most of such western dishes don’t taste good next day and I feel it’s not easy to enjoy eating left-over.  I think many people in England are quite happy to eat left-over roast meat as it is or using it in a pie or in a sandwiches (although I don’t because I find they smell and taste too strongly gamy for me once it’s cooled down) and some may have left-over casserole next day again but most left-over gets thrown away. I freeze some like casserole or soup and I would eat some on the next day for lunch if it’s something that tastes as good  but most left-over food gets thrown away and it makes me feel very guilty.  So, like today, when I can use left-over for something completely new and enjoy it, it makes me feel good.

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