India Trip Day 4 / Dosa (Indian Breakfast)


The 4th day in India.  We travelled from Mumbai to Udaipur.  Our flight was 12.15 so we left the hotel around 9.00am.  Our lunch was going to be on the plane but I wasn’t sure if I would eat anything (I did actually have a tandoori chicken sandwich – I was a bit worried about it but I didn’t have any tummy problem) so I wanted to have breakfast which I seldom have normally.  I also wanted to try Dosa in India.  We had to wait for a while at the restaurant so the time was a little tight but we managed.  I must say that the dosa I had in Little India in Singapore with my sister was nicer to me (the potato filling was tasteless here) but dosa and masala was very nice.



The view from the restaurant’s window in the morning.


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