India Trip Day 13 / Bangla Sahib Gurdwara in Delhi

インド旅行13日目、ランチの後は、Bangla Sahib Gurdwara というシーク教の寺院に行きました。シーク教の寺院の中でも有名で大きな寺院だそうです。インドの男性というとターバンを思い浮かべると思いますが、ターバンを巻いているのはシク教の方だけです。インドの方は80%がヒンドゥー教で、シーク教は2%、なのでほんの一握りの人がターバンを巻いているということになります。

India Trip Day 13.  After lunch, we visited Bangla Sahib Gurdwara, which is one of the most prominent Sikh temples.  I think many of us think of India being full of men with turbans but only those who practice as Sikhs would wear one.  80% of Indian are Hindu, only 2% is Sikh so there are only a small percentage of men wearing a turban.

このお寺では髪も隠さなくてはいけないのでバンダナが入り口に置かれていますが、夫はわたしが前もって夫に「髪を隠さないといけないお寺もあるので、バンダナを持っていく方が良いよ」と言っていたので持って行った Buff を頭に巻いていました。靴ももちろん脱がなくてはいけません。

To go in this temple, you have to take your shoes off and cover your head as well as shoulders and legs and you can use the head scarf they provide.  I’d told my husband to take a bandanna with him to avoid using theirs and he took his Buff, which he used to cover his head.


You also have to wash your feet in a small shallow water pool (?) to be able to go inside the temple itself.  I personally didn’t want to put my feet in water that, to be honest, isn’t very clean as hundreds of people put their feet in the same water, so I told our guide I didn’t want to do so because I have a little rash on my feet.  My husband wanted to go in so I told them I’ll wait outside.  The guide seemed quite worried and asked me if I was sure I was OK and told me to be very careful while I was waiting, which made me fee a little worried if it was so dangerous!  Nothing happened while I waited in the shade for them to come back.











They serve free meal “Langar” every day to hundreds and hundreds of people and anybody can have this free meal whatever their religion, even someone like me who is a foreigner.


We (I didn’t need to wash my feet to get in this part) also saw their kitchen, where volunteers were cooking.




They are making Daal.







They are making Chapati (Roti).







They are cooking Chapati (Roti) first on the middle part then on the mesh part, they are all flipping this one and that one.







This is when most of them finished the meal.  After these people finish eating and are gone, the next lot of people will come in.  Apparently, meals are served from 5.30am until 11.30pm.






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