Pasta With Aubergine, Zuccini & Tomato Sauce


Today’s dinner was simple pasta.  I made tomato sauce with garlic, onion, tin tomato, basil & chilli flakes and added some chopped and sauteed aubergine and zuccini.  After mixing with pasta, I added some mini mozzarella balls (cut in half).  I’m not big fan of them so I had just a few pieces and put most of them in my husband’s bowl so you don’t see them in the photo.  Some grated Parmesano Regiano on top and done.


The shell shaped pasta I used today is supposed to take 7 minutes but they were hard even after 10 minutes.  I think I cooked them about 14 minutes in total and it was just al dente.


I would have liked to add bacon or chorizo, which would have made it much more delicious but they aren’t so good for you and we try not to eat them too much – we still eat them and enjoy them but try not to eat too often.  It was still tasty.







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