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It’s very hot.  Really hot.  The worst month of the year.


I had lunch with a couple of friends, I hadn’t seen one of them properly for quite a few months I think.


The amuse was minimini corn with grapefruit.


お友達お2人は、前菜にお魚を選ばれました。サバだそうです。「Japanese mackerel, tomatoes, basil powder, stawberry & rhubarb puree」とあります。青いのはハーブの香りの甘くないメレンゲのようで面白いとおっしゃっていました、バジルパウダーがそうだと思います。何かが甘いとおっしゃっていたのは、いちごとルバーブのピューレでしょうか。盛り付けが、とってもきれい。

My friends chose “Japanese mackerel, tomatoes, basil powder, stawberry & rhubarb puree”.  They were saying the green thing was very unusual and interesting, it was very herby meringue without sugar.  The menu says “basil powder”.  They also said something was sweet – I guess that was strawberry & rhubarb puree.  The presentation is beautiful.




I chose “Emulsion du marché”, which was mushroom emulsion.  I’ve always loved their emulsion, I love the particular texture that I cannot find the right words for in English.  It’s fluffy but slightly sticky…  Anyway, today’s emulsion was mushrooms.  The problem was, though, there was a very strong taste of smoked pine or something.  I know that smoked flavour has been very popular but I don’t like it.  I can eat it if it’s not strong but this was overwhelming (I actually didn’t taste mushrooms) and I wasn’t able to enjoy it so left most of it.  Shame because it’s one dish I really love here…  Still, that’s just my personal preference, it doesn’t mean it’s not good.  I’m guessing some people love it, otherwise they would not serve it.


メインは、お1人は「Braised beef, crushed violet potatoes, carrots, anchovies」。ビーフの煮込みと紫芋のクラッシュとアンチョビ、とあります。紫芋の上に乗っているのは、小さな黄色い人参。

For the main, one of them chose “Braised beef, crushed violet potatoes, carrots, anchovies”.  There was a tiny yellow carrot on the purple potato.


もうお1人は、お魚。「Fillet of seabass, pea, celeriac, lemon verbena」。シーバス、グリーンピース、セロリアック、レモンバーベナ。これも盛り付けがきれいです。

The other friend chose “Fillet of seabass, pea, celeriac, lemon verbena”.  Beautiful presentation again.


わたしはランチセットのチョイスにはなかったのですが、ベジタリアンでお願いできるかお聞きしてみたところ快くベジタリアンのものを出していただけました。「baby artichokes, celeriac crush, peas, lemon verbena emulsion」ベビーアーティチョーク、セロリアックのクラッシュ、グリーンピース、レモンバーベナのエマルジョン。アーティチョーク以外は上のお魚と同じ。写真で見るよりも鮮やかなグリーンで、これも盛り付けがとても美しい。セロリアックはわたしには塩辛すぎましたが、他はちょうど良い塩加減でしたし、グリーンピースの食感がよく、どれも美味しくいただきました。

I could have had beef but I often have problem with meat here, they tend to be too gamy for me.  So I asked them if they could give me something vegetarian for the main and they kindly gave me “baby artichokes, celeriac crush, peas, lemon verbena emulsion”.  It’s the same as the above fish dish but the fish is replace with baby artichokes.  The celeriac crush was a little too salty for me but the rest was delicious.  I loved the texture and the taste of pees and also the artichoke.  I enjoyed this dish very much.


デザート。お1人は、「Chocolate ganache, raspberry, vanilla ice cream」。チョコレート、ラズベリー、バニラアイス。

For dessert, one of them had “chocolate ganache, raspberry, vanilla ice cream”.


もうお1人は、「pineapple soup, coconut sorbet, passion fruit jelly」。パイナップルスープ、ココナッツシャーベット、パッションフルーツゼリー。

The other friend had “pineapple soup, coconut sorbet, passion fruit jelly”.



It looks like I forgot to take mine, I cannot find a photo!  I had French Cheese – goat cheese, washed rind cheese & blue cheese with some apple and some jelly.  I enjoyed it, too.


Petit Four.



I didn’t take photos but I like their bread, specially mini baguette.


I had sparkling water and my friends had coffee and it was a little less than S$70 per person.  It would have been a very luxurious lunch in Japan but here in Singapore it cost S$50 or more in most places I would go to, so it was just a little more luxurious than usual.

Rhubarb Le Restaurant
3 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089589
Tel: 8127 5001


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