Mustard In Little India – To Meet A Friend

香港時代のニュージーランド人のお友達がシンガポールに遊びに来られているので、ディナーをご一緒してきました。夫も知っているお友達なので夫も一緒。あちらもお友達お2人といらしているので5人で。お1人がベジタリアンということでしたので、インド料理が一番安心、ということで、リトルインディアの Mustard に行きました。

A New Zealander friend from Hong Kong days is visiting Singapore so we had dinner with her tonight, together with her 2 friends she is here with that we hadn’t met before.  One of her friends is a vegetarian so we suggested Indian, which we feel the easiest to take a vegetarian to.  We went to Mustard in Little India.


First we had a samosa each, then each of us chose a dish and shared all.  Grilled Cauliflower, Paneer & Spinach, Lamb Chops, Butter Chicken, Lentil Pate curries, 1 order each of Basmati rice, Hankerchief Roti & Naan.







We shared a jug of draft beer, one of them had a glass of wine and it was S$32 per person, which seems very inexpensive in Singapore.



I wonder how long it’s been since we last met, maybe 7 or 8 years?  She seemed just the same as I remembered her.  We also enjoyed chatting with her friends we hadn’t met before.  It was a shame the restaurant was very busy and it was hard to hear each other.  Her daughter and her families live in England so maybe next time we’ll see her in England.



We saw the sky in beautiful colour soon after we arrived in the restaurant.









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