Jamie’s Italian (Forum)

夫は今日も午前中お仕事。お疲れの様子で、今日の夕食はこんなときの Jamie’s Italian になりました。少し前に義弟家族と行ったばかりなのですが。

My husband worked this morning and seemed quite tired so no cooking tonight, we went to Jamie’s Italian in Forum again.  We were there just the other day with his brother and his family.


We wanted to have Arancini but it was out already so we had Roasted Tomato & Ricotta Cheese crostini.  They are quite small, perhaps not enough to share, more for 1 person.  I didn’t think tomatoes were roasted, I think they were just blistered with direct gas.





My husband wanted Lasagna.  I didn’t fancy anything in particular so we decided to share (because I expected it to be a large portion, it was actually just right for 1 person).  I had 1/4 of it and my husband had the rest.  We also ordered a couple of things from side dishes – Rocket & Parmesano  Salad and Sweet Potato Fries.  I don’t know why but I wanted to have sweet potato fries today.

To me, there is too much meat sauce and tomato sauce in this Lasagna and not enough layers of the lasagna pasta sheets – only 2.  I like some layers and also I prefer it with Bechamel sauce, which I didn’t find any in this one.  I thought we may have to order something else as the lasagna wasn’t very large but somehow I got full, probably with the fries.  So we just shared a dessert after this.



We shared Chocolate Fondant – same as always.




We had a bottle of sparkling water and a carafe of red Montepulciano .  The bill was S$160, which seems a lot as we didn’t order a lot, but the wine was S$49 out of it.  The place was full of families with children but it started to look quite empty after 8.00pm.




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