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We arrived on an early flight back to Singapore safe and sound. It wasn’t much later than 6.00am but my first words were “Yuk, it’s so hot!”.  It’s always hot in Singapore…

帰りのフライトでは、イギリスの番組、「The Great British Bake Off」を見てしまい全部のエピソードを見てしまったので睡眠時間が余り取れず(笑)。それでも多分、最後の4時間ちょっとは寝たと思いますので到着した時は眠くなく仮眠はせず、早めにランチに出ました。

On our flight back, I started to watch “The Great British Bake Off” on the inflight entertainment system and could’t stop watching until I had watched all of the episodes. That meant I didn’t sleep long, but I did manage to sleep the last 4 hours or so so I wasn’t very sleepy when we arrived home.  We didn’t go to bed and went out for an early lunch.


My usual sandwich at our usual cafe on a usual Saturday…  made me feel at home.



I started to feel a little sleepy though while we were having lunch.  Afterwards we did some food shopping and by the time we got back home we both felt very sleepy – so ended up having a 2.5 hours nap.  When we arrived in Cape Town on the outward flight we did very well, we really didn’t feel the jet lag but there is a 6 hours time difference so I suppose it’s normal that we are feeling a bit strange today.


Cape Town was as beautiful as I had anticipated, or more so.  Scenery in many places were really out of this world (and I don’t use this word often like many people seem to) and the safari we had (which was just in a very small scale only for 2 days) was fantastic, the animals were so beautiful – seeing them in their natural environment was just “magical” (and I don’t use this word so easily like some people might either).  I have been uploading some photos both in this blog and also in my Instagram but I took so many, as always, and I have a lot I want to keep in my memory so I will be blogging about our holiday for a while – I hope you won’t get bored.

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