Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Franschhoek

前述のように、ケープタウンから車で1時間半ほどのところにある、Franschhoek(フランシュフック) というワイナリーがたくさんあるところに2泊しました。素敵な街だとのことなのでチェックインして荷ほどきをした後、街を少し歩きました。宿泊していたホテルから数分のところが街の中心で便利でした。街と言ってもさっと歩くと多分15分くらいで端から端まで歩いてしまいそうな小さな街ですが、建物が可愛く雰囲気が良く、雑貨屋さんのようなお店も色々あって素敵でした。ただ、この日も暑くて暑くて!でも、湿気はないので日陰に座ると風が強くて結構寒く、上着が必要でした。

As I have already blogged, we stayed in Franschhoek, which is about an hour and a half by car from Cape Town and where lots of wineries are.  My information said we should walk in the town because it’s very pretty, so once we checked in and unpacked we went out to walk in the town.  Our hotel was only a few minuets walk away from the main part of the town, which was very convenient.  its a very small place, maybe it’ll take only 15 minutes or so to walk from one end to the other but the buildings look very pretty and there were quite a few interesting looking shops.  However it was such a hot day – it went up to 34C.  It was cool (actually more like cold) in the shade as it was dry and also it was very windy, you needed a jacket then.


When we decided when to go to Cape Town, I chose mid October because the rainy season would have been gone but summer hadn’t started so it would not be hot – but this year the summer came very early.  It looks like the maximum temperature in Cape Town now is only 25C all week this week, we should be there now!  I don’t know why but I often get this heat wave when we are away – we had it in Ireland and often in England.


After walking along the main street, we went in a cafe (a pub?), sat outside under a large umbrella and had something cold before going back to the hotel.





























Apprently, Franschhoek is known for good food.  On our first day we had dinner at a casual restaurant that the owner of the hotel recommended but the food wasn’t good.  Next day, we bought cheese, salami, ham etc at a deli and had a light meal in our room with a bottle of wine we’d bought at a winery, which was more enjoyable.



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