Cooking Gathering / Lunch Party


We had a small lunch party today, just 2 friends and myself.  It’s like a pot luck party but we have a theme and exchange recipes.  First time when we had one, I cooked Middle-Eastern food and the other two brought just one or two dishes each, this time the theme was Japanese food (or Korean or Chinese if they go well together), which I don’t cook often so they did most cooking and I just contributed 2 each dishes.


I usually keep the table specially simple for a Japanese meal but our whole room is very Christmassy so I did make the table a little Christmassy as well.





One of them brought Nikujyaga (Japanese style braised potato & beef), Chicken salad with mustard, Millefille of Chinese cabbage (Napa cabbage) & Pork, Japanese Spinach Salad.






The other friend brought Chikuzen-ni (Japanese chicken & vegetable stew, it has carrot, shiitake mushroom, lotus root & gobo), Braised Turnip With Mince Chicken Sauce and Spicy Gobo & Konnyaku.





This is one dish I very often make if I have to take something Japanese/Chinese – Marinate Cucumber & Cabbage With Chilli Sauce (I used a recipe a friend gave me when we were living in Hong Kong).  I might’ve put a little too much chilli oil, it was quite spicy.



Again this is one dessert I make over and over to serve at an Asian meal, Lychee Jelly.  I learned this at Black Tea Course in Hong Kong.



One of them brought a bottle of sake, which we had a little to start with, then we had beer.  As always I had rice with all this but my friends had just beer at first then a little rice at the end.  It was such a spread, they were all delicious and I got so full!  One of these friends is from Nagoya so we talked about the particular culture of Nagoya, which is very interesting.  I’ve visited Nagoya a couple of times and had a lovely time when one of my friends (actually she is the one who was running the Black Tea Course that I mentioned above in Hong Kong) lived in Nagoya sometime ago for a few years and I visited her.  A lovely memory.

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