Chicken With Black Olives in Tomato & White wine


I was in charge of tonight’s dinner and I cooked Chicken Thigh with Black Olives in Tomato and White Wine. I first sautéed garlic, onion, celery and carrot (all finely chopped), then added white wine, water, a soup stock cube, tinned tomatoes, chopped cured black olives and bay leaves. I covered chicken thighs with seasoned flour and browned both sides, added them into the sauce and cooked it all slowly for about 20 minutes. Olives add deep flavour and some saltiness but you don’t taste olives as much as you imagine. I served it with pilaf with onion and carrot and also broccoli.


I make mistakes in my own kitchen but I tend to make more mistakes in someone else’s kitchen. I need to make much more quantity than I usually do for just two of us, which is sometimes hard to adjust to, and the pot wasn’t what I’m used to. The sauce evaporated much more quickly than at home and the sauce became more salty than usual, but it wasn’t too salty when eaten with rice.

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